Club India International SA Inc. is a club made up of culturally diverse people with a common goal of providing all with a friendly environment and coming together for fun, laughter and networking. Our club was incorporated 24 years ago, being initially setup by migrants in order to connect with others and learn from their experience thus assisting them settle down more quickly in a new environment. We as a club play a vital role in building friendship, lending a helping hand and assisting migrants settle down.

The club consists of dedicated volunteers who endeavour to go that extra mile for community service.

Last year we moved one step further and launched Club India Youth. The youth are the future of the nation and the future of this club. Our vision is to keep the youth occupied by engaging them in sports, music and activities, therefore keeping them as far as possible from drugs and alcohol. We also encourage them to be proud of their rich cultural heritage and mentor them along their life path by inviting speakers/artist to share their talent and skills with them.

The backbone of our club is our Seniors; each day we learn something new from the wealth of knowledge they possess. They attend our regular Curry Picnic and Sports Day events and also join in the New Year's Eve celebrations. This enables them to stay in contact with friends and acquaintances and be more active in community life.


Upcoming Events

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